Oculus Touch has arrived!

On December 6, 2016, Oculus officially launched its Touch controllers. Many pre-orderers received their controllers on December 6 or 7 (some even on the 5th!). This has been a much more impressive roll out than the initial launch of the Rift.

The Touch controllers retail for $199. They arrive with an additional Oculus sensor, which is really essential for proper tracking. With two sensors, you can get a great 180 degree tracking, but you will run into issues when you turn around and try to do things behind you (out of the view of the sensors). Oculus now sells additional sensors for $79 which you can buy from their website. For a setup guide of multiple sensors, check out this Oculus’ page.


First impression

I am already a huge Oculus Rift and VR fan, but the Touch controllers have truly blown me away. My first time using them, I feel the comfort and ease of holding them and moving me hands. It feels very natural. I did find it difficult when I hooked up my second Rift sensor and trying to get through the setup. It kept giving me an error, instructing me to place my rift sensors between 4 and 6 feet apart. They were in that range but I had to keep moving them around to eventually skip this error to continue.

When you put on the Rift headset for the Touch setup, you find yourself in the “First Contact” game/experience. What a perfect introduction to Touch! A little robot, which it’s personality reminds me of Wall-E, helps you use your controllers in a retro tech room. The robot hands you cartridges to load into a 3D printer which in turn creates these cool gadgets you can play with. This is a fantastic tryout of different uses of the controllers, and hopefully ideas for future games! My advice is don’t rush it. Take your time and really try out everything this little demo has to offer. When you create the butterflies, hold out your finger and watch them rest on it. For the rockets, pull back the string and let those rockets launch across the room. When you use the laser gun, don’t just shoot the targets – also knock around the floating cans and shoot some butterflies (you monster!). This demo experience had me grinning the entire time!


I have been really impressed with the quality of the controllers, their ease of use, and the responsiveness in VR. I am very excited for what the future holds and all the great games that are out now or are on the way. Stay tuned for lots more!


Click here for a list of Touch titles available on the Oculus Store.

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