iOmoon VR Game

“iOMoon is a made for VR first person exploratory experience where you pilot a research vehicle equipped only with a flare and camera, into the heart of Jupiter’s moon iO. Explore and survive while gathering photographic evidence in a fantastic world full of surprises.

Price: $19.99

This experience is available on Steam:
and the Oculus Home Store

My Review:
iOMoon is an incredible VR experience. The visuals in this game are breathtaking. I found myself quickly engrossed in exploring this alien world and learning about the environment. I like the flexibility of your view. You can stay comfortably inside your pod, looking out its windows, which is great for those with problems with VR sickness. You can switch to a more medium level with a much greater view basically you see the controls of your pod, but the sides become transparent, giving you a 360 degree view. Or you can hide the pod altogether, giving you basically a first-person floating experience. I tried all three and found the medium level to be perfect, but I liked being able to toggle between them to see more or switch to a more realistic-feeling view (trapped in a thick steel pod feels more realistic on this harsh-looking world).

My only negatives about this game/experience are that the “gameplay” doesn’t quite match the visuals. I wish there was a bit more to do, some kind of goals or challenges. I think that can certainly be added and make this a perfect title. But for the cost, I think this is a no-brainer! I really enjoyed the game and would definitely look for more from this developer!

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iOMoon VR Gameplay iOMoon VR Gameplay iOMoon VR Gameplay iOMoon VR Gameplay

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